COVID Counselling Service

Who are we?


We offer counselling to individuals living in Sunderland who feel their mental health has been impacted by the pandemic.

In our COVID counselling service, we recognise that although we are all in the same storm, each person's individual circumstances mean that  some people are in a life raft, some are in a yacht, some are weathering the storm in the Atlantic and some are cruising in the Caribbean. Whatever your circumstances we are here to listen, without judgement, and work with you to provide the best support we can. We want to help to ensure you are not anchored down but able to set sail, with a toolkit of your own design. 

What do we offer?

The COVID 19 pandemic has impacted all of us in many ways. You may be struggling with isolation, bereavement, grief, worry, stress, anxiety, adjustment to a new way of living, health anxiety, money worries and more.

We have four specialist COVID counsellors who can offer you an assessment to understand your specific needs and then provide:

  • Counselling
  • Fortnightly wellbeing calls while you are waiting for your counselling to begin
  • Information about services that can help you with practical issues
  • Support for you to access organisations that can help
  • Making referrals on your behalf

We have found that if you are experiencing feelings of isolation or are separated from loved ones, services such as Silver Talk, Age UK and NHS First responders give you a connection with someone and make a real difference.

You may be feeling exhausted from everything that is happening, the changes in your life or having children at home while you work. We can help by making those calls that you are too tired or daunted to make and work alongside you to find a support system that works for you.

We have a wide range of knowledge of what support is available to you in Sunderland and if we do not know of an area of support, we will do our best to find out

Who is this Service for?

This service is available to anyone who is:

  • Aged 18 or over
  • Living in Sunderland
  • Registered at a GP surgery in Sunderland
  • Has a common mental health problem and has been impacted by COVID-19

How do I refer?

Telephone: You may call us directly on 0191 514 7007

Email: You can email us on to make a self referral or for more information

GP: We recommend you speak with your GP if you are impacted by COVID-19. Following this discussion, your GP may refer you to our service

Where is the service located?

Depending on your needs we can offer you support via online video or telephone sessions. We can offer face to face support at our main building in the centre of Sunderland or from community centres and GP surgeries across Sunderland.