My Story

I am a girl with no cares in the world,
I’ve got a son who makes me so proud.
Happy as can be,
no worries I can see.
I love my boy,
playing with his toys.
One day we went out,
to have fun, seldge about.
This is when it happens, its not very nice,
we were sledging down a hill when we bumped in the ice.
I was very hurt,
my boy was a star!
There was no one in sight, not even a car.
He cuddled me close,
made me count to three.
I broke my back,
Thought that was it for me!
My family was there,
full of care.
The love they gave me, made me see,
I was still alive, death was not for me!
Days went by, they were dark and dim,
I didn’t want to let anybody in.
Months went by, and I did cry
I felt so scared, before this I was never shy!
I started to feel alone,
I went cold as a stone.
The pain hurt so much, it was really ruff,
I pushed people away and took it tough.
I wanted to be normal, take my boy on a bike ride,
but my back wouldn’t let me so instead I lay in my bed and cried.
My family were there every day
wishing they could take my pain away.
From an independent lady,
to a sole with no dignity.
Couldn’t wash my hair,
feels like everybody stare’s.
A dark cloud was hovering over me,
but I felt nobody could see!
I realise now this was called depression,
and now thankfully I’ve learned a lesson.
There are people out there who really care.
I was upset, I was down,
but I fell I’m turning around.
Its still a fight,
but I can see the light!
So if you feel confused / not amused,
be strong like me, and you will see your dignity.
I’m getting better that’s why I’m writing this letter.

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