It’s not the way we do it here

It’s not the way we do it here
It’s a namby pamby, soft idea.
You don’t need strangers poking in your life
You’re northern – you’re made from struggle and strife.
Have a good sleep – it’ll do you good
Meddling never did any one good.
Pull yourself together and stop being weak
We all have words we dare not speak.
You’re one of us – we’ll see you right
But you must keep your mouth shut tight.
That doesn’t work – it never could
Hiding problems does no good.
Sooner or later the dam could break
And a bid for freedom your secrets take.
Your northern roots won’t stem the tide
No stiff upper lip will help you hide.
And sadly, those who taught you well
Will leave you to your private hell.
They were no help, they were not kind.
They could not help you heal your mind


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