An Angel in Disguise

Why am I here?  Why am I there?
Amidst these lonely depths of despair
Does anyone care?

How much can one person take?
Until its time again for bed
Can’t  sleep, mind awake
Heartbeat racing, pulsating
Enough tears to fill a lake

So in the dead of the night
There are jobs to be done
Can’t remember the last time
I had so much fun!

People look, people stare
I wish they wouldn’t
Its too hard to bare

So many questions fill my head
Why?  What?  When?
How?  Has?  Where?
Does anyone care?

A life-lines thrown amidst the gloom
Time to talk in the counsellors’ room
Someone who will listen
Until the stars begin to glisten
Someone who will understand
Until you can hear that brass band
Someone non-judgemental, supportive and caring
Until you finally find your bearing
Your questions answered ………  Your Angel Cares!


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