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Concerns for my mental well-being

Opened questions “help! Who am I seeing?”

Understanding I need some help

Nice people like myself

Sharing my problems week by week

Empowering me as we speak

Life changing

Learning to laugh again

Inspiring me to feel less pain

Nervous at first, now I stand proud

Gratitude “I am well” I can shout loud!


Asking for my voice to be heard, without me feeling like a nerd!

Decisions that need help with direction

Visions of my own perception

Optimism is a must

Concerns people that I trust

Achieving goals that I hold

Counselling really makes me feel bold

Yes ADVOCACY gives me the helping hand that gives me the strength to make a stand!


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Here to Help

What is Counselling?

Help and Advice – Adult Services Tel: 0191 5147007

  • Counselling is not advice or telling you what to do.
  • You are in control and you decide what you want to talk about.
  • Counselling can provide a safe place, where you can feel listened to and understood.

When people are struggling to cope with the effects of difficult life events, feelings or experiences it can feel overwhelming. Sharing your experiences and feelings with someone outside your own immediate situation provides you with a chance to unburden.

Talking with a counsellor or bereavement support worker in confidence can provide the opportunity to explore your feelings, make more sense of what is happening to you and consider ways to make things better.

Feeling less isolated, knowing that you matter and are being listened to, can help prevent or eliminate the bottled up feelings that can lead to ill health and despair. Exploring / clarifying issues and feelings as well as what options are available to you, can often help you to decide on a way forward and what is best for you.

You can then take back some of the control in your life and hopefully live in a way that is more positive, meaningful and rewarding.

Bereavement and Loss

When Someone Has Died

When someone has lost a loved one, trying to cope with the pain and loss alone can be difficult. People can be left feeling sad, lonely, helpless, confused, even angry. We provide help and support for people who have been bereaved, with the opportunity to meet others who have been in similar situations.

What we offer

The group meets at Sunderland Counselling Services offices, 37 West Sunniside, Sunderland, SR1 1BU every Monday from 2.00 to 3.30 (except for Bank Holidays). The group is facilitated by experienced bereavement support workers. If you feel that this might be of help to you, please call us on 0191 514 7007 for more information.

You will find a supportive and caring group of people who will try to understand what you are going through and will help you to cope with your grief.

One of the group members has said, “When my wife died of cancer it left me devastated. I didn’t think I could go on. Sunderland Counselling Services helped me a great deal – I found it very valuable to meet with other people in the same situation as me, with the same sadness, the same loneliness and the same anger as me. SCS has given me back my smile. It has given me a reason to live again.”

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