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My Story

I am a girl with no cares in the world,
I’ve got a son who makes me so proud.
Happy as can be,
no worries I can see.
I love my boy,
playing with his toys.
One day we went out,
to have fun, seldge about.
This is when it happens, its not very nice,
we were sledging down a hill when we bumped in the ice.
I was very hurt,
my boy was a star!
There was no one in sight, not even a car.
He cuddled me close,
made me count to three.
I broke my back,
Thought that was it for me!
My family was there,
full of care.
The love they gave me, made me see,
I was still alive, death was not for me!
Days went by, they were dark and dim,
I didn’t want to let anybody in.
Months went by, and I did cry
I felt so scared, before this I was never shy!
I started to feel alone,
I went cold as a stone.
The pain hurt so much, it was really ruff,
I pushed people away and took it tough.
I wanted to be normal, take my boy on a bike ride,
but my back wouldn’t let me so instead I lay in my bed and cried.
My family were there every day
wishing they could take my pain away.
From an independent lady,
to a sole with no dignity.
Couldn’t wash my hair,
feels like everybody stare’s.
A dark cloud was hovering over me,
but I felt nobody could see!
I realise now this was called depression,
and now thankfully I’ve learned a lesson.
There are people out there who really care.
I was upset, I was down,
but I fell I’m turning around.
Its still a fight,
but I can see the light!
So if you feel confused / not amused,
be strong like me, and you will see your dignity.
I’m getting better that’s why I’m writing this letter.

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An Angel in Disguise

Why am I here?  Why am I there?
Amidst these lonely depths of despair
Does anyone care?

How much can one person take?
Until its time again for bed
Can’t  sleep, mind awake
Heartbeat racing, pulsating
Enough tears to fill a lake

So in the dead of the night
There are jobs to be done
Can’t remember the last time
I had so much fun!

People look, people stare
I wish they wouldn’t
Its too hard to bare

So many questions fill my head
Why?  What?  When?
How?  Has?  Where?
Does anyone care?

A life-lines thrown amidst the gloom
Time to talk in the counsellors’ room
Someone who will listen
Until the stars begin to glisten
Someone who will understand
Until you can hear that brass band
Someone non-judgemental, supportive and caring
Until you finally find your bearing
Your questions answered ………  Your Angel Cares!


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To make the bad things go away

To make the bad things go away
To make the bad things go away,
To feel contentment more each day,
To go back to how it used to be
Or is this all just fantasy?
To put the pieces back in place,
To live life at a steady pace,
To see a future others see
Or is this all just fantasy?


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Lost Without You Mam

I never thought it would be like this
It just never seems to go away
The emptiness, loneliness, the pain,
Every single minute of the day

I try my best to be happy,
even put on a brave face
for the family, friends and everyone
But inside my heart aches.

They say time is a great healer
I am still waiting for that day
When I can be myself again
And all this pain has gone away.


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Concerns for my mental well-being

Opened questions “help! Who am I seeing?”

Understanding I need some help

Nice people like myself

Sharing my problems week by week

Empowering me as we speak

Life changing

Learning to laugh again

Inspiring me to feel less pain

Nervous at first, now I stand proud

Gratitude “I am well” I can shout loud!


Asking for my voice to be heard, without me feeling like a nerd!

Decisions that need help with direction

Visions of my own perception

Optimism is a must

Concerns people that I trust

Achieving goals that I hold

Counselling really makes me feel bold

Yes ADVOCACY gives me the helping hand that gives me the strength to make a stand!


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