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To make the bad things go away

To make the bad things go away
To make the bad things go away,
To feel contentment more each day,
To go back to how it used to be
Or is this all just fantasy?
To put the pieces back in place,
To live life at a steady pace,
To see a future others see
Or is this all just fantasy?


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Lost Without You Mam

I never thought it would be like this
It just never seems to go away
The emptiness, loneliness, the pain,
Every single minute of the day

I try my best to be happy,
even put on a brave face
for the family, friends and everyone
But inside my heart aches.

They say time is a great healer
I am still waiting for that day
When I can be myself again
And all this pain has gone away.


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Concerns for my mental well-being

Opened questions “help! Who am I seeing?”

Understanding I need some help

Nice people like myself

Sharing my problems week by week

Empowering me as we speak

Life changing

Learning to laugh again

Inspiring me to feel less pain

Nervous at first, now I stand proud

Gratitude “I am well” I can shout loud!


Asking for my voice to be heard, without me feeling like a nerd!

Decisions that need help with direction

Visions of my own perception

Optimism is a must

Concerns people that I trust

Achieving goals that I hold

Counselling really makes me feel bold

Yes ADVOCACY gives me the helping hand that gives me the strength to make a stand!


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I’m Falling

Catch me.
Hold my hand.
Build scaffolding around my heart.
Throw me a lifeline, keep me afloat.
Pull me up the ladder.
Anchor me.
Prop up my broken spirit.
Shore up my slipping sanity
Pump up the flat tyre of my soul.
Save me,
secure me.
Recharge my personality batteries.
Be my buoyancy aid.
Stitch my emotional gashes,
tie my feelings up with crepe bandage.
Lever the weight from my shoulders,
long enough for to get my breath back.
Revive me.
Walk beside me.


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The Swan

Out of the Mist came the Swan,
Like a white sailed galleon of old,
So regally swimming along,
On the River of silver and gold.
In the dawn’s early light you can see,
And again at the close of the day.
Like a Spirit with gossamer wings,
As it proudly proceeds on it’s way.
The mirror like face of the River,
Is furrowed and cut by it’s wake.
And as with a dream in the night,
One blink, that is all it will take.
And once more the River will calm,
Will flatten and then be at one.
The Angel with wings has just vanished,
That beautiful ‘galleon’ is gone….


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